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Welcome. This is my personal home page.

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Big and small, in-progress and completed…

Algebraic type theory Specifications of dependent formal theories.
Multisets and sets in HoTT Homotopical iterative structures.
Quoting operations “What is in a quote?”
The anti-pattern game A game about avoiding repetition.
newmail A script for generating random e-mail aliases.
Audio Stimulating the auditory perception.
Roleplaying Here be dragons…

About me

Born in Oslo, but spent most of my childhood on the island of Stord on the Norwegian west coast. Moved back to Oslo to study Mathematics and Informatics at the University of Oslo. After completing my Master Degree, I moved to Stockholm, where I took my Ph.D. in Mathematics at Stockholm University. In Stockholm my first son was born.

In 2017, we moved to Bergen where I currently work as an associate professor in informatics, at the University of Bergen. Here in Bergen, my second son was born. And inbetween spending time with my kids, teaching and doing research, I enjoy hiking, tinkering with computers, reading, listening to music and playing Dungeons & Dragons.

My professional interests include many areas of mathematics and informatics, such as logic, category theory, type theory, algebra, data structures, cryptography, topology, homotopy theory and computer formalisation of mathematics. I have also worked as a programmer, and emphasise constructivity in all my theoretical work.

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