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YouTube self-defence

YouTube is constantly attacking you with advertisements and video suggestions. Follow these steps and visiting YouTube will be a safer experience.

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Every-day Unicode

Following this tutorial you can have any symbol at your fingertip when typing on a Linux or *BSD system.

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Unicode for mathematics symbols in LaTeX

Write readable LaTeX files, with $A = πr²$ instead of $A = \pi r^2$ in the source.

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Writing Agda-code in another edtior

Agda, is a dependently typed language for programming and proof-verification. Here is how I write it, using the Acme editor.

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Setting up a basic website

There are lot of different ways to make a website. You can write your own HTML code (the code your web-browser reads when it draws a webpage), use a WYSIWYG editor or install Wordpress… This guide is for those who wish to focus on the textual content of their site, and keep the number of distractions down.

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