Diary — 2019 January

Håkon Robbestad Gylterud

This is my public diary.

2019–01–10, Thursday

Autogenerating e-mail addresses on OpenBSD and OpenSMTPD

Wrote a small shell script which generates new e-mail aliases. This is useful if you do not want to trust some site with your real address. The script is quite specific to my set-up, but should be easily adaptable to other settings.

In short, you generate random aliases from the command line. For instance, to generate a new alias for use with hub.darcs.net:

user@example.com $ newmail hub.darcs.net

And if you later forgot which one you had generated:

user@example.com $ whichmail hub.darcs.net

2019–01–15, Tuesday

Listening to Fearofdark – Motorway, which Christophe1 recommended me, while formalising λ’-calculus in Agda. There are close relationships between mathematics and music, and I find that chiptunes are great while working on formalisation — but most creative part of the work requires silence for me.

2019–01–29, Wedneday

Had fun playing DnD tonight. Inspired by my recent Nethack playing I wanted some old-school monsters to appear, and landed on rustmonsters. Baern, one of the player characers, got his nice magic armor completely dissolved by rust. Old-school monsters are hard-core.

  1. Christophe is also on SoundCloud and currently works on Lawdle

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