February 2021

Håkon Robbestad Gylterud

2021-02-03, Wednesday

Played D&D today with Andreas and Inna. Classic D&D non-sense where the heroes has to stop an occult rite which threaten to ressurect Hanu, The King of Death.

2021-02-04, Thursday

Wrote some fiction based on yesterday’s D&D session. Just a small excerp showing one of the NPCs perspective. Might post it here later, once I have edited it a bit.

2021-02-08, Monday

Listening to music in the evening when I have a bit of time for myself. A little while ago I got a new pair of head-phones (Seinheiser HD 560S) which revived my music listening quite a bit. And by that I mean that I got back into listening to music. I often have music on while I do other things – even video calls. But that is very different from actually listening, which cannot be done while done while doing something else.

So, lately I had fallen out of habit of listening to music – being all busy and that. But getting the new head-phones pushed me to listen again.

And one thing I noticed with the 560S is that the increadible separation of sounds you get on them makes it possible for to enjoy things I found really difficult to listen to previoulsly (such as The Residents’ album mentioned later). Some things, however, does not get any easier to listen to. Nirvana, for instance, is completely lost on me…

Another thing I noticed sometimes, when listening to vocals: I feel like I am standing in front of the vocalist, close to their mic-stand, staring at their mouth as they sing. Maybe this is because I have been recording my lectures this fall, and gotten interested in audio technology.

Duck stab!

Anyways, what am I listening to? Today it was:

Also, while doing the dishes I put on (not listened to), Miles Davis – Round About Midnight, which makes me feel like a civilised, modern person.

2021-02-12, Friday

Every weekday, I go for a stroll in the morning. Today was no exception even though the thermometer claimed -10°C outside – which I think is the coldest we have had here in Bergen since I arrived. This is the third week with good winter weather.

2021-02-16, Tuesday

Yesterday, the weather turned into something more recognisable for Bergen: +2°C and sleet. The ground is still cold, though, and when the snow melts and water runs down the street it freezes. On my daily walk today I saw a man have a quite nasty fall on one of the resulting ice sheets.

2021-02-22, Monday

Returning from Stord, where we spent the weekend with my parents.

This term I am working 20%, being 80% on parental leave. Lately my work time has gone into Myott – a framework for dependently typed specifications. Together with Elisabeth Bonnevier, I am improving the code base and making it easier to work on the project. Today, I restructed the program som that it is possible to run different subcommands from the CLI.

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