December 2020

Håkon Robbestad Gylterud

2020–12–31, Thursday

New Year’s Eve again. Celebrating in Bergen this year as well. It goes without saying that this year will be celebrated without Inna’s family visiting from Russia. The vaccination just started, both here and there. We are probably last in line.

This year has been a rough one for a lot of people. For me, the pandemic has meant that I have been kept away from my office, and fankly most of the social contact I used to enjoy there. I have gained a lot of skill with lecturing digitally – to the point at which I might prefer that over the normal situation.

Tomorrow, I enter the new year and parental leave. The baby is already well used to my presence at home, but I will now take charge of his care. My plan is to begin every day with a walk, and take it from there.

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