Diary – October 2019

Håkon Robbestad Gylterud

2019–10–06, Sunday

Went to see Joker, which I quite enjoyed. Especially I liked that it left a few questions open at the end. I went with my friend Andreas, and we had a good time discussing the movie afterwards.


2019–10–07, Monday

Lectured about capability based security today (slides). I really wish capability based security was more widely used. It is such a powerful idea.

2019–10–22, Tuesday

Gave my students their final mandatory assignment today. It consists of a forum which I have written in Java (using Jetty to make it a web application) – and the students’ job is to make it secure. The forum (named “Inforum – the insecure forum”) is a swiss cheese of security holes. It has XSS and SQL injections in every possible place.

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