Diary — 2018 March

Håkon Robbestad Gylterud

2018–03–08, Thursday

Recovering from a round of sore throat and fever. Got some new ideas for my reasearch while being away from office. This happens very often, as soon as I am away from mathematics for more than mathematics, the ideas come streaming. But sometimes, the ideas prove to be slightly confused once the fever goes down!

2018–03–14, Wednesday

More fun with JACK. Tonight we had D&D session, where the characters had a reunion, and we mostly roleplayed. I should make sure we have more combat soon, as some of the players prefer that. But that is an aside. What I was very happy with was the sound setup.

In advance, I had neatly arranged the sound in JACK, with two mixers, one for monitoring my own sound, and one for broadcasting to the players. This way I could not just control the mixing of music, sound effects and my voice. But also monitor the volume of these separately, without interfering with the broadcasting. The most well received effect today was when I played trumpets on the heroes arrival at Flader (a town in our world).

Since I am having so much fun with this, I should make radio at some point. But what should the content of it be?

2018–03–16, Friday

It has occured to me that the term “internet trolling” has changed meaning in in the last few years. It used to mean to post a message with content you knew was wrong, in order to make fun of people (usually newbies) replying. One of the central tensions would be to decide if the person posting is a troll or a honest crank. While certainly undesirable activity, trolling in this sense can be seen as a strange sense of humour. Today’s usage implies a more sinister meaning. Trolling is now equated with online harrassment and political conspiracy theories. And while many of these can use humour as an expression, they are not them selves an elaborate joke, but rather serious and dangerous behaviour.

2018–03–21, Wednesday

Early flight from Bergen to Stockholm, via Oslo (Gardermoen). The whole thing is like four mini journeys with short restless waits between them: To the airport, wait, flight, wait, flight, from the airport. I composed a small track during this travel — half of the time not hearing properly the sounds through the noise of the airplane. Listening to it afterwards I think it has a touch of the disorientation I feel when traveling. You can find the track here.

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