Diary – 2017 December

Håkon Robbestad Gylterud

This is my public diary — mostly interesting to myself and people who know me.

2017–12–05, Tuesday

Working from home. Put up a simple page at håkon.gylterud.net.

2017–12–07, Thursday

D&D session at 20:10 UTC+1. We had an chaotic battle with an army of skeletons, and got to know a scull which calls itself Idries.

Tested my new headset, Corsair Void Pro, presented me for my birthday. They are comfortable and the mic is a real improvement.

2017–12–11, Monday

Inna goes to Oslo for a few days, while the rest of us stay in Nesttun enjoying the snow and playing hide and seek.

2017–12–17, Sunday

Another one of my birthdays — I got a head-set, which I already tested for D&D use, tickets to Kristin Lavransdatter, and a few singlets. Celebrated with cake at my parents place at Stord.

2017–12–20, Wednesday

D&D session at 20:10 UTC+1. We had an chaotic battle with the priests of Orcus and rescued a little girl called Elaysa.

2017–12–23, Saturday

Wrote short essay about logic and creativity.

2017–12–31, Sunday

Celebrating New-Year’s Eve with Inna’s family in Saint-Petersburg.

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